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inner freedom

The awareness that you are free to choose your perspectives and your responses to the events and circumstances of life.

In conventional parlance, “freedom” usually means outer freedom: your ability to act according to your own will without restriction, to be autonomous and unhindered. Outer freedom is limited because you can’t always control external circumstances, and the will of another may be out of accord with your will. Inner freedom is far more abundant than outer freedom because you have far more control over your inner world.

(However, as you cultivate more and more inner freedom, you’ll find that you have much more influence and ability to attract people and circumstances that are in alignment with your intentions.)

From a spiritual perspective, inner freedom is one of the essential aspects of Who You Are. You are free whether you believe it or not. Certain life conditions may limit your outer freedom, but the conditions of life do not create your experience; your thoughts about life conditions create your experience.

Ironically, your freedom of thought includes your freedom to think you are NOT free! When such thoughts are habitual, they become limiting beliefs. The more you believe in limitations, the more “real” they become in your experience. When you practice connecting with your inner freedom, you begin to realize that your lack of freedom is, more often than not, an illusion.