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Authentic Power

Power that is sourced from within; intrinsic, innate, unlimited, inner power that can be experienced and tapped into under any conditions; the Source of inner freedom and unconditional love.

In philosophical terms, Authentic Power is non-physical; it cannot be attributed to any physical cause. Authentic Power is transcendent and defies rational explanation.

In practical terms, your authentic power is what gives you the capacity to love unconditionally, to respond to life creatively, to make your own choices, and to choose thoughts and perspectives that feel empowering. Connecting with Authentic Power gives you the quality of presence and the feeling of authentic pleasure.

Authentic Power is the basis of...

  • authentic responsibility
  • authentic self-esteem
  • inner freedom / free will
  • unconditionality
  • partnership

Unlike pseudo-power, Authentic Power is unlimited. Therefore, an increase in one person’s power does not diminish the power of others. Rather, it increases the sense of power of every person she or he is connected to: Authentic Power is partnership power.

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