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The transformation begins with a change of heart that ripples outward, through your family, and ultimately elevates the whole human family...

I ’ve been studying partnership since I was about three years old, when I first noticed that my peers felt threatened by their own parents.  In contrast, I was one of the lucky children (in the mid-1960s) whose parents were starting to abandon the harsh discipline tactics of previous generations.

(I also noticed that the threats and punishments my friends were subjected to didn’t make them care about being “good” — it only made them good at figuring out how to break rules without getting caught!)

But the absence of authoritarian parents didn’t automatically make my family harmonious. We argued and bickered a lot. My dad would often get frustrated and plead, “Why can’t we all just get along?!”

Apparently, I took his question to heart, because I’ve devoted decades to understanding why we don’t “just get along” and what it takes for a family, a couple, or any group, to function as a true partnership.

“All aboard!”

If you’re new to the idea of partnership as a mindset — one that empowers you and your partners to co-create a life that works for all — you might want to read my article, The Power of Partnership.

If you’re already on board (or getting on board), then I’d be honored to help you navigate your “partner ship” through the inevitable storms to more peaceful waters, so to speak. You can read my articles, get one of my books, or even hire me for one or more coaching sessions.

My focus on partnership in every domain of life is fairly recent. Previously, partnership parenting was my central focus, so you’ll find a lot of resources for parents here. However, many people who are not in the thick of early and middle parenthood have told me that my parenting advice works well when applied to adult partnerships, co-worker relationships, school settings, etc.

Let’s Begin...

An Open Invitation

You’re invited to follow your curiosity and explore the info and ideas posted here. And please don’t let my lofty vision and bold assertions about human potential give you a false impression that I am some kind of inaccessible guru:  We’re in this together.  If at any point you have a burning question and feel inspired to call me, just do it!  No need to text or email first.  No need to “have your people contact my people.”  I answer my own phone.

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